Wandle Valley offers many different opportunities to get involved. They are always in need of volunteers and donations to help with improvement and maintenance.


They have many different projects, programmes and groups running that need help from volunteers. Anyone that is interested in conservation, wildlife, recreation, or culture and heritage will a find place. Volunteers are an essential part of this big park and keeping it clean, running smoothly, and constantly improving.

Many different volunteer teams are involved at Wandle Valley. A few of them are Discovering the Source, Morden Hall Park Wetlands, Wandle Watchers Wildlife Recording, Wandle Mills, Wandle Vistas, and Wandle Rain Gardens.

The volunteers are given training to assist them with the work of their specific volunteer team or project. The training can include safety guidelines, the safe use of chainsaws and other equipment, identification and surveying of wildlife, how to record or take photos of wildlife, and much more. There is something for everyone, no matter what their interest.


Wandle Valley needs help with donations and funding to keep their strategy for improvement and expansion on track. They are very passionate and committed to wildlife, conservation, and the environment. To keep the park beautiful, maintain the existing areas, and keep improving and expanding, they need help from the community.

Anyone who is interested in making a donation can contact the park office. There are different ways to contribute. Any help is appreciated, whether it is a once-off donation or a long-term commitment, they need and appreciate it. Donations can be made by cheque, mail, or through the donations page on this site.

Wandle Valley Park will not trade, share or make public any personal details of their donors. All such details will remain confidential. All donations will be used to fund improvement projects for the park. They like to keep their donors informed of what their contributions are helping with.